My First Dungeons & Dragons Experience

Four friends, surrounding a piece of A4, with a crudely drawn town layout and staring at the line of dice before them. This was my first D&D experiance.

My friends and I decided to branch into this world on a whim, no past experience only a rough idea of what to do thanks to TV and the Elder Scrolls. I was the DM (dungeon master) and the rest of my group were an Ork, Elf and khajiit (yes the Elder Scrolls race).

Our little foray lasted all of three sessions in which we terrorised a poor town. The group burned down the Tavern, stole from a guy’s house and ran off into the forest (there was also some murder).

Months passed, we lost interest untill three of the original four felt the pull of those colourful little dice. This time I was the DM and a Gnome Ranger; we also had a Human Sorcerer and an Elven Pirate and we were hooked.

What Changed?

What changed was the effort and the investment we had in our characters, their back stories and their aims.

Although, the sheer amount of information online, items you can purchase and maths was off-putting but with just two purchases (the player’s handbook and some dice) and some free online resources. The more we researched the more we were absorbed in the lore, world and characters and the more we looked forward to our next session.

D&D is amazing, mixing my love of Fantasy with total freedom. Our characters have the free will and capability to do anything we can imagine and whether you succeed or fail is down to a terrifying mixture of luck and skill…

D&D Wiki:

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