Horror Gaming With Friends

Now I can easily admit that I am a wimp when it comes to horror. I haven’t watched a horror film. Ever.

But horror games, they are the exception.

I am aware how strange it is but there is something about the interactive experience of a horror game that I cannot resist. Maybe its down to the nostalgia factor caused by me and my friends sitting in the dark, on the sofa, sharing the controller like the games yore. Maybe its the unique shared experience you get from a horror game that no other genre can achieve; that strange mix of terror and amusement at your friend’s reactions. I don’t quite know.

Together we have powered our way through Amnesia, Resident Evil, Layers of Fear and Outlast and so much more. And again I would like to remind you: I have NEVER watched a horror film (Unless you count watching The Woman in Black while turning away and therefore never actually seeing The Woman in Black, just some beautiful scenic shots of the sea!)

Somehow horror in video games is different. So, this weekend I will find myself once more in the dark, camcorder in hand praying for batteries in the world of Outlast 2. And I can’t wait…

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