Elder Scrolls VS Fallout

Elder Scrolls and Fallout are two amazing franchises steeped in adventure and backed by rich lore. Below are some arguments for what makes each game great. Which franchise is your favourite?

Elder Scrolls:

  • Dragons:

Enough said! What could be better than going toe to toe with a flying fire/ice breathing beast?

  • Magic:

Shooting ice, fire and lightning casting conjuration and illusion spells what could beat having such power at your fingertips?

  • Factions:

Both Elder Scrolls and Fallout have factions but nothing beats the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. Carrying out great heists and bringing down an emperor.


  • Atmosphere:

Fallout’s stranger mix of 1950’s style and post-apocalyptic wasteland offers a unique and sometimes creepy atmosphere.

  • Companions:

In Elder Scrolls companions usually get in the way e.g. The Adoring Fan/ Lydia. But in Fallout companions have more use and as you travel, build a relationship and complete their quests the characters feel more fleshed out.

  • Guns:

Now I love magic and swords and bows but sometimes nothing is quite as fun as using mini nukes to obliterate your enemies.

Personally Elder Scrolls is my favourite of the two, exploring Tamriel this unique and totally new world full of empires, magic, dark factions and Daedra is one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I have ever had.

4 thoughts

  1. I too prefer Elder Scrolls, mainly because I prefer the fantasy genre as a whole over post-apocalyptic stuff. Plus I am absolute garbage at shooters, so I’m lousy at Fallout even with VATS helping me out.


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