The Barbaric Races of Tamriel

Tamriel is an expansive continent populated by Elves, Men, Orcs, Kajiit and Argonians. Each of the well know races have their own differing cultures however, within this world there are many secrets including these four lesser known “Barbaric” races of Tamriel.

Ket Keptu:

Also called the Keptu, they inhabited central Hammerfell, they lived in a tribal society and little is known of their culture and by the 4th Era they are presumed to be extinct.

The Keptu were one of the many races of man enslaved by the Ayleids during the 1st Era and played a part in the Alessia Uprising.

The Keptu are known however to have dressed in “skulls, antlers, feathers, strings of teeth, accents of beaten copper and weapons ostentatious in size and number” according to  Racial Motifs 12: The Barbaric.


The Kothringi are another race of man that once inhabited Black Marsh and like the Keptu are known to be extinct.

The Kothringi are a better documented race of man that were enslaved by the Ayleids in the 1st Era.

They are characterised by being fierce people with metallic skin and reflective faces. Their culture was similar to the other barbaric races of Tamriel and can be seen in Elder Scrolls Online, Zuuk one of their settlements can be found next to an Ayleid ruin in Elder Scrolls Online and appears abandoned.

Kothringi were a shamanistic society worshiping their own pantheon among the gods they worshiped are Z’en the god of toil and main deity of the Kothringi and Dibe-Mara-Kin the ‘Mothers of the Around us’

The extinction of the Kothringi occurred in the 2nd Era caused by the Knahaten Flu which devastated Black Marsh but did not harm the Argonians.


The Reachmen are one of the most well-known Barbaric Races found in Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online.

The Reachmen are a distinctive group of ethnic Bretons who inhabit the Western Reach of High Rock and the Reach in Skyrim.

Reachmen can trace their history back to the first inhabitants of their region of Tamriel and are known to be the descendants of different Elven and Human races which settled the land and interbred.

Originating in the Western Reach it is believed that they migrated into Skyrim in the 1st Era. During this time the Direnni Hegemony (an early Elven Kingdom in High Rock) occupied their homeland. The Reachmen revolted against the Direnni Hegemony taking the Western Reach and the Reach for themselves and taking Markarth as their own not long after the Dwemer disappeared.

The Reach under the Reachmen was divided into ten warring Kingdoms which eventually occupied and integrated into the Alessian Empire.

After their integration into the Alessian Empire the Reachmen remained hostile and secured independence numerous times across the Eras and remain strong during the 4th Era and the events of Elder Scrolls Skyrim.


The Ashlanders are the final Barbaric Race, inhabiting the Morrowind Wastelands, they are a nomadic people living in small mobile camps.

Ashlanders claim to have the right to raid other tribes and settlements for supplies and slaves and are led by a War Chief and advised by a Wise Woman who practices magic.

Ashlanders focus on ancestor worship and are seen as shamanistic and primitive by the other Dunmer and Imperials. They are hostile to foreigners with a strong dislike of the empire, but are happy so long as they are left alone.

The Ashlanders feature in Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Online.

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