Putting Your Imagination To Use

Hands down I am a serial day dreamer. I can maintain a day dream for day’s even weeks at a time, keeping the same narrative and characters. Day dreaming has its place, it’s an amazing form of escapism and works the imagination far better than TV or gaming in my view.

As a rule of thumb I tend to reserve day dreaming for just before sleep and when I am walking to or from somewhere. The reason for this is that even a serial day dream can realise how invasive and disruptive it can be. Day dreaming at work, school or worse still while driving is a recipe for disaster (obviously).

Despite my self-imposed guidelines when I am board I drift into a day dream, sometimes without realising. As a result I came up with a few creative outlets to avoid my imagination taking over.

  • Sketchbooks

I wouldn’t consider myself an amazing artist but that doesn’t stop me (and shouldn’t stop you). Keeping a sketchbook on your person and investing in a few art supplies (even just some colourful pencils) can offer a relaxing and creative outlet for your imagination.

  • Reading

Reading books is a great way to stretch your mind and offers the similar level of entertainment as TV and games. Books actively engage your imagination to create the world and characters of the story and can offer some amazing experiences if TV and games can’t fill that drive.

  • Gaming

It does come down to personal preferences but video games are amazing, the interactivity is what makes me sink more time into gaming that TV. Personally I love fantasy, but if I want something that can make me think and play with my emotions there are a few games I can recommend for their emotional impact: Life is Strange, The Last of Us and What Remains of Edith Finch come to mind.

  • Writing

Writing stories (no matter how good or bad they may be) can help turn your day dreams into something more productive. Personally I did this during my time at sixth form. I found myself day dreaming a lot during my free study periods; as a result I decided to write down my day dream to help improve my writing skills to help with my English Language studies.

  • Hobbies

Finally this tip is a far more open. I really enjoy my job however, I found that it didn’t provide the creative engagement my imagination craved. As a result I created this blog as a space to express myself and give me a productive outlet. A blog is just one way, there are many other hobbies such as YouTube etc. If you want to take up a hobby try not to let anyone stop you.

You shouldn’t let your level of skill prevent you from picking up a creative outlet. If it is something you want to do it’s always worth having a go. If you are a creative mind or a day dreamer it is always worth finding ways to shape and grow your imagination. If you are passionate don’t let anyone stop you no matter what!

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