Tech Superstitions

Even in the modern day people still follow superstitions rooted in our past. Whether it be avoiding walking under a ladder, touching wood or saluting a lone magpie (all of which I do daily). However, with modern technology a number of modern superstations and actions have arose. Here are my top three favourites.

Blowing on a games cartridge to make it work:

Anyone who has used a Nintendo has at some point put in their favourite game only to find it won’t work. The quick fix was often to blow on the cartridge and slot to make it work. This is something I think I picked up from my friends as a kid, with the idea being it will remove dust stopping the game from working. However, recently I learnt that this is apparently only a myth even though I swear it works!

Turning it off and on again:

We have all done it, turned some electronic devise off and on again when it wouldn’t work and it always seems to fix it. Like some superstations this one is actually based in fact. It turns out that when rebooting a PC it clears all temporarily stored data, giving the software a blank canvas allowing it to run normally again. Apparently with other tech like your TV over use can interfere with the devise and turning it off gives it a rest.

Using “Safe to Eject” When Removing USBs:

For the longest time I just pulled out my USB without a care in the world and nothing seemed to go wrong. Then one day a friend saw me do it and told me off saying you had to first eject the USB then take it out. I still forget to do this, to me it always just added another step making what should be a simple matter of unplugging a Pen Drive more complicated.

Now I don’t want anyone to loose data by not ejecting their USB but apparently by default, Windows settings allow for USB devices to be removed quickly without ejecting the device (You can access this setting from the device manager). Meaning you can just whip out a USB without any worry.

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