Down Another Rabbit Hole

Everyone immersed in a virtual world has at some point sunk a lot of time and energy into exploring that topic. Going to the ends of the internet in search of random knowledge, but why?

Firstly the phrase: to go down the rabbit hole is a reference to Alice in wonderland. When we do this we begin a journey often into a strange, wierd or complex place.

Video game theories and lore are a great example, on minute you’re playing Skyrim the next you are on the wiki looking at the difference between Aedra and Deadra or on the origins of the Forsworn.

It doesn’t have to be videogames though it can be books, conspiracies or films that lead us deep into these strange places of discovery.

In the rabbit hole fandoms are formed as people theorise and discuss with like minded people but why? When you look at it, it is a little strange how we can obsess and wish to learn more about a fictional setting right?

I mean I can admit it’s wierd (in the best kind of way) that I know more about the history of Tamriel than the real world.

The way I see it we do it because it’s fun, it is entertaining and uplifting to suspend your disbelief for a moment and think ‘but why? How?’ when the answer is it’s just because that’s how it was planned, written and produced by some random author or employee.

To look into the fictional in depth is also to allow our minds to explore the possibility that something could be real. By building up knowledge and details to explain and reinforce an element of fiction you can almost explain how it might exist in reality and we might not know it yet.

And that can make this world feel like a way more magical place…

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