The Shattered Sea Trilogy

While I’m an avid gamer I also love to read. My genre of choice would have to be fantasy (obviously) and after recently sorting out my book shelf and deciding to re-read some old books I would like to offer my opinion on one of my favourite series I have read in recent years. The Shattered Sea Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.

This series is a great set of fantasy books following a young prince Yarvi of Gettland, through the first book ‘Half a King’ followed by two other books which still follow Yarvi but also bring other interesting characters into the mix.

The stories are based in a medieval/Scandinavian setting following plots, treason, and war. Dealing with an oppressive High King, slavery, rising Empires and mysterious Elven artefacts.

Without wanting to spoil this amazing series I will add that Joe Abercrombie has created a world that blew my mind adding his own twist on the usual fantasy setting we are so familiar with. Creating a world filled with human kingdoms and elven ruins and gods that only add to the mystery.

If you love Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or anything based in fantasy then this is a series I would highly recommend. There is so much more I would wish to say but I don’t want to ruin this series for anyone thinking of picking it up.

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