A Geek’s Holiday Survival Guide

At present I am far away from my precious PC, my book shelves and my reliable internet connection. I’m on holiday. A holiday is a great chance to unwind and disconnect from the technology that can run our lives. 

My survival kit is made up of the items that fill the spaces between the usual holiday pastimes of sight seeing, sunbathing and eating. They are small things to entertain and this is what I brought to help get me through my holiday:

1. Books! Admittedly I brought more than I should (I brought 4 and bought an extra at the airport) but books are a great source of entertainment when relaxing by the pool and the lack of the usual distractions allows for some long reading time.

2. Nintendo Switch. I love the switch, Zelda and Mario Cart can entertain me for hours which has been great when traveling and the multiplayer has meant I can play with the family and not ignore them (which is useful on a family holiday.)

3. Notepad and pen. Such simple items, I love to carry around a notepad where ever I go. Great for writing ideas, jotting things down and drawing sketches while sitting in the sun with an ice cool drink.

What do you take in your survival kit?

4 thoughts

      1. Oh, I missed one thing too, a book. Definitely would’t take a phone though, but a small laptop might be good for some serious writing.


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