The Masked City

While away from my gaming set up I have had plenty of time to read (I brought 5 books with me to occupy my time!)

The Masked City is the second instalment in a series written by Genevieve Cogman a British author.

The story is an amazing mix of settings with a world and story line that is unlike any I have read so far. The series follows a team of librarians who travel to alternate realities to hunt down works of fiction for the library, a mysterious organisation which exists outside of normal space and time. The series includes many genres: fantasy, steampunk, supernatural and magic (as well as more modern and futuristic settings depending on the alternate world).

The Masked City is the second book (after The Mysterious Library which I read some time ago) it is an intense string of events based in renascence Venice and follows the main protagonist Librarian Irene as she attempts a rescue in a city of masks, paranoia and spies. Striking deals with Dragons and Fae to launch a dangerous rescue.

Genevieve is an amazing author and the series is unique and incredibly immersive one of the best I have read in a long time and I can’t wait to pick up the next book The Burning Page.

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