The Long Dark

Very few games I play just for the challenge. I prefer to follow a story, to play a game through which I can experience and shape some great quest. However, The Long Dark is completely different to my usual game an my favourite game of this year.

The Long Dark was released in 2013 as a sandbox wilderness survival game with a story mode to come later. I bought the game in 2013 out of curiosity and on the 1st August 2017 the story mode was released.

After not playing the game for a year or so, with the story mode’s release I returned to it. I found my self flung back into the frozen wilds, surrounded by wolves and desperate for food, water and fire. But now I had a goal.

Produced by Hinterland you get to explore or rather survive in a post apocalyptic world but not in the city as we usually see in games. Instead you awake from the wreckage of your plane after a mysterious storm brought it down and now you must survive, piece together what has happened and search for your passenger who made it out of the crash but has gone out into the Canadian wilderness.

Playing as Will Mackenzie you are thrown into one of the most challenging game environments I have ever experienced. You must guide Will through this ordeal and attempt to find Astrid your passenger who hired you for some mysterious expedition deep into the wilderness. The game has done an amazing job of making you way up the risks of different courses of action, of making you prepare and conserve resources and make you feel vulnerable exposed to the elements where you must adapt to survive in this amazing, harsh and unforgiving landscape.

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