Return to Arcadia Bay

Cloaked in a black hood, lighting your cigarette staring down a freight train. It’s good to be back in Arcadia Bay.

Taking control of Max’s rebellious friend Chloe Price I was thrown back into the emotionally charged world of Life is Strange at the beginning of her doomed relationship with Rachel Amber. Beginning in true Chloe style by forcing your way into an abandoned sawmill for a secret rave I encountered drugs, drink and rock and roll. In the first few minutes I was getting into a brawl with drunken thugs and being saved by Rachel Amber.


Returning home I got a deeper insight into the troubled life of Chloe and her family; filled with sad moments as Chloe fights with her mother resisting her boyfriend Peter as he encroaches into Chloe’s life.

I’ve only managed to play the opening but so far Episode 1 Awakening feels just like the old game, laying the ground work for a turbulent and ultimately emotional tale of Chloe and Rachel. Playing the sassy, angry and chaotic Chloe has led to some amazing moments so far and I can’t wait to see how this story goes. But I’m not looking forward to how it ends.

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