We have all been there, eager to play a new game waiting excitedly for the download to finish and then when we are finally in we sink countless hours into it. But after a while, we all fall out of love with these games. There always comes a point when you have had enough, the game has lost its initial spark of excitement and it’s time to move on.

All games have a certain shelf life to them, we can only play them for so long before the gameplay becomes repetitive and our short attention spans turn us to the next shiny new game. However, after a while we feel drawn back to some of our old favourites. We blow away the dust from the case or reinstall the game in our Steam libraries and load it up. There are many reasons we return to a game be it for nostalgia or just because we have a real love for it and I find there are some specific games I always come back to:

Minecraft a classic and amazingly long lasting game. Millions still play it and with the constant updates and unlimited possibilities the game offers it is one of those I can’t help but return to from time to time.

Skyrim the frosty land of Dragons and Nords. Like its predecessor Oblivion I keep coming back to it. I may know the main storyline off by heart but somehow I always find a new quest I had never completed or a new playstyle I want to try (plus the landscape is still breath taking!)

Civilization 6 more for the nostalgia factor than anything else. One of the first video games I ever played was Civ4. The Civilization games all have their issues but the random terrain, different playable states and multiple victory conditions means that no play through is ever the same as the next.

It’s strange to think how with some games once we’re finished we don’t give them a second thought. We never play them again. But there are always those games that we replay over and over, ones that we can never just walk away from. What games do you enjoy revisiting? What makes them worth returning to?

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  1. I agree with you on Skyrim and Oblivion. I also keep coming back to Medieval 2: Total War, mainly for nostalgia but it is also a great strategy game. Final Fantasy X and Pokemon Silver are also games I replay, just because they are my favourites in their respective series.

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  2. Excellent post! Firstly, I was recommended by Thero159 and I’m happy she did! On to the topic of the post. I love your list. Minecraft and Civilization 5 are on my list (having played 6 yet). I wouldn’t say Skrim but I would say ESO and Oblivion would be go to’s for me. There’s a great sandbox game caalled Roblox that’s similar to minecraft that’s great. All Call of Duty Games pretty uch and Gears of War. Then there are the classics games like Mario Party and 007. I bring out my N64 from time to time.

    -Luna 🙂

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    1. Thanks and I’ll have to give a thank you to Thero159! Oblivion is one I love but missed from the list and for Roblox I haven’t played it in ages but it was an amazing game when I was younger, it’s always fun when you dig out old games I’ve never played on the N64 but I still bring out my PlayStation 2 and game boy when I can!


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