Gaming Fresh Faced or Seasoned Champion?

When gaming there is always a certain level of admiration given to those who have reached the highest levels in a game. You know that character, the one with the best armour and weapons with the highest stats and who could kill most in one fell swoop and boss characters in maybe two.

But the fact is that it’s boring. Rarely do I reach such a level because I often start a new character before then. To me the highest levels in any game from Skyrim to online multiplayer don’t offer the same level of satisfaction.

Quests are a great example. At lower levels there are plenty of quests to do offering up challenges to the player. But past a certain level odds are you’ve done most the quests and those that are left you are so powerful you manage them without breaking a sweat.

Progression is another element, while you’re a lower level you progress fast, there’s a continuous feeling of progression and achievement as skills quickly improve and you soar from level 1 to 5 before even finishing the tutorial! As time goes by however this stagnates, level ups are few and far between and unless you switch from two handed weapons to spells at level 50 you are unlikely to be using a skill that will improve quickly.

Finally the biggest for me is exploration. No matter how many times you have replayed a game in the beginning when you first discover locations that is the most fun, seeing new sights and encountering enemies for the first time is an experience that only happens once. Eventually there is nothing left to explore.

Of course being a high level has its advantages, perhaps more so in multiplayer games than single player ones as you have other high levels to fight. But for me nothing is quite as satisfying as starting a game  and working through the lower levels, it’s a time of rapid progression and where every experience is a new one. But which do you prefer, to be level 1 all fresh faced full of energy but easily killed or to be level 100 a hardened warrior and champion whose seen much in their life time?

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