Blogging Award!

After just 8 months of blogging I am really grateful to THERO159 for the nomination for the One Lovely Blogger and Most Active Blogger Awards.

First let’s tackle the One Lovely Blogger award, now for this I have to come up with seven facts about myself (so prepare for the most random list of things in the history of lists!)

  1. For a time I attempted to learn Elvish because why not?
  2. I’m from northern England (basically I experience the same weather as Skyrim on a daily basis!)
  3. When writing posts I listen to music. Not just any music but type into YouTube “fantasy background music” and pick one of the 1hour+ lists (chances are that’s what I’m typing along to)
  4. I have brown hair and a green fringe because it looks cool.
  5. I bought Assassins Creed Black Flag and never played it, the disc is still in the plastic wrapping!
  6. I have the urge to buy really random things, my most recent random purchases were a shield and top hat!
  7. And to complete the most random list ever: For my English Language a Level I did a huge piece of course work comparing historical documents to historical texts in the Elder Scrolls.
  8. Bonus Fact: when I type my posts some of my local accent somehow works its way in! (I can’t be the only one right?)

Now that’s over let’s get down to the nominations. So like THERO159 I’m going to have one list of nominations with those I chose being nominated for both awards.

  • Later Levels, one of the first Blogs I was introduced to offering some amazing articles on the world of gaming.
  • Studious Creatives, gaming holds a special place in my heart but so do books! Studious creatives has offered some great inspiration when it comes to books and crafts.
  • Screen Therapy, I love the way they look at gaming from a different perspective.
  • AmbiGaming, Another amazing site that once again looks at games in an amazing level of detail and depth.

If any of you want to take part then here are the rules!

For The Most Active Blogger Award:

  1. Create a new post stating that you’ve been nominated by me, linking my blog to your post.
  2. Nominate other bloggers and let the cycle continue.

One Lovely Blogger Award

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog,
  2. Write a post about the award,
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself,
  4. Pass this on to as many people as you like,
  5. Include this set of rules,
  6. Inform your nominees!

Again a final thanks to THERO159 for the nomination, like many this blog was started as a bit of fun and entertainment and I never expected to meet the amazing community of bloggers I have encountered! Apologise also to THERO159 for basically copying your layout but you had it down to a T, please go check out those I have nominated for all the reasons I listed above and more and check out THERO159 for nominating me. With that in the words of my local dialect “as garn yam”!


8 thoughts

  1. Thank you very much for your kind nomination!! I really appreciate it! I really admire your blog so its a real compliment! I’ll have to set up my own post to link back to you, as well. Oh, and I also tried to learn Elvish – great fun. Thanks again!

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