Before The Storm: Brave New World

Chloe, Rachel and their parents sitting in Principle Wells’ office. A forest fire rages at Arcadia Bay’s door. Life is Strange Before The Storm steps up a notch in episode 2!


After the initial nostalgia of episode one of returning to Arcadia Bay I was quickly reminded of the chaos that is this small town. From Chloe’s struggle to accept her mother’s new partner to Rachel’s situation with her father and dealing with her expulsion from Blackwell all these situations clashed into one crazy day made no easier by the confusing conflict of emotions surrounding Chloe’s relationship with Rachel.

The intense string of events Chloe finds herself wrapped up in are emotionally charged and morally ambiguous leading to some of challenging decisions. Episode 2 also offers new perspectives on the other members of Blackwell Academy giving a greater in site into their own messed up lives.

Ultimately we all know where this story will end. But I can’t wait to play the next episode and see the next stage in Chloe and Rachel’s journey as they plot their escape from Arcadia Bay. Who knows what decisions will come next for these star crossed lovers…

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