Happy Halloween!

A HUGE thank you and a Happy Halloween to everyone who has read my posts and followed this blog! It continues to amaze me how kind, supportive and amazing everyone I have encountered through this blog is.

Before sinking your teeth into all those Halloween sweets I thought I’d take a moment to celebrate the lives of my three favourite video game characters who are no longer with us.

1) Lee, he fought his way through the zombie hordes and devoted his life to teaching and caring for one of my all time favourite characters Clem. In a real life zombie apocalypse I would want him in my team!

2) Martin Septim, the last Septim emperor of Tamriel a nobel hero devoted to ending the evil plan of Mehrunes Dagon. The Oblivion main quest wouldn’t be the same with out Martin Septim (and Sean Bean!)

3) Chloe Price, last but not least she’s that lovable rouge. A troubled child with an amazingly fiery attitude. Without her I would have lived my life without adding amazing words like “Hella” to my vocabulary! (Yes I know for some she isn’t dead but you can guess how I ended Life is Strange)

Who’s your favourite dead video game character? Show them some love this Halloween!


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