Enter Character Name…

The bane of any gamer’s life is hat single moment in character creation where the game asks you to enter a character’s name. For hours gamers sit staring at that flashing type icon with a blank mind as if you half expect a name to materialise from thin air.

Naming a character is difficult, it is a very permanent decision and in most MMO’s it’s a very public one. There is nothing more amusing (or worse for some gamers) than seeing someone running round with a mash of lower case, capitals and numbers for a name.

Gamers as a result have come up with their own personal naming conventions. Their own naming system that helps them come up with a name for any character they create. My favourite naming inspirations are:

  1. Lore Based, one of the most common ways I create a name is by basing the name on the lore of the gaming world the game is set in e.g. Chillrend is a name I have used drawn from the Elder Scrolls series.
  2. Historical, another common inspiration for a name is to look up historical names. Especially relevant for fantasy and historical gaming setting I like to especially draw names from Celtic and old English original.
  3. Inherited, the most lazy way I name a character is by picking a name I have used before in another game. As a result these names are almost inherited, passed on from character to character and game to game.

These are my favourite naming inspirations I have used in gaming, spending an hour thinking of a name may seem pointless to some. Some gamers use random name generators or random names, however I personally like to have a name with meaning either from history and the lore of the gaming setting. I feel it adds more of a significance to the character I am playing.

How do you choose a character name?

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  1. Interesting post! What are your thoughts about players using their own name? I favored looking up historical names and picking one that sounded nice, but I’ve recently seen gamers trek into fantasy lands using their real names. Ive wondered if it’s more likely to be considered unimaginative or a deeper level of immersive. Hmm.


  2. It depends. I usually stick to lore-based or historical names, both in games and in my writings. I rarely name characters after myself, for a variety of reasons, including that a lot of characters that “needed” names in the past were male, and also because I feel incredibly arrogant doing so. For me, it’s like writing a story and naming the main character after myself. It just seems odd.

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    1. I have a few names like that too! Not for specific classes but I do have a few names I reuse because they sound cool .

      Class based names are another one I forgot to add to the post thanks for reminding me. I sometimes name characters based on their class like shadow for an assassin!

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  3. As a bit of a bookworm, I tend to draw inspiration from myths and legends. If I’m playing an MMO and need a unique character name, I usually go for a name from Morte d’Arthur, since there are few people who’ve read that book cover to cover, unless they are studying English literature, so I can be sure the name hasn’t been taken.

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    1. Clever, if I name characters after lore or names from a book I always have to dig around for the most obscure names/references. If you use a less well read book there’s less of that problem where every name you come up with is taken!

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