Equal Rights – No such thing as a female wizard? Well now it’s gone and happened!

A flat world on the back of four elephants, on the back of a turtle moving through space. What’s not to love?

Disc World is a fantasy world many the world over are familiar with and as a reader as well as a gamer, with a passion for fantasy I love this Disc World series and wish I had more time to read my way through.

Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite authors and his creation is a beautiful, light-hearted, crazy world. After spending some time away from these books, having only read the first too before getting distracted (I don’t know how either) I decided to pick up the next book, Equal Rights.

Equal Rights has been a great reintroduction to this world. As Terry Pratchett says “there’s no such thing as a female wizard. But now it’s gone and happened,” following the first ever female wizard’s journey into magic. It’s an amazing tale filled with conservative wizards struggling to process the situation of a female being a wizard and even a few witches disapproving of her use of “male” magic.

It’s an amazing tale that could only be a product of the crazy and colourful Disc World and its deep lore. A truly amazing read following an amusing situation that can easily be linked to our slightly less magical world. To me that’s what makes Terry Pratchett so amazing and worth reading…

3 thoughts

  1. These books sound like so much fun. I haven’t read then myself yet, but a friend introduced me to Pratchett’s work a few months ago via the Tiffany Aching books. I’m listening to them on audiobook right now and they’re wonderful. It was fun reading what you had to say about your experience with the books.

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    1. I would recommend reading his Disc World Series then! Its amazing a crazy fantasy world full of colour it’s kinda like middle earth if Tolkien embraced the more fun and wierd side of fantasy and not took it too seriously!

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