A Year of Questing

I love gaming but there are always those times when I need a break from the digital world. I always try to make some time to sit down with my friends and do something together. For us Dungeons and Dragons offers that opportunity.

On a weekly basis me and my friends meet for some D&D, I plan the game and we each come prepared for an evening of exploration, monster killing and heoring (ok maybe that last piece isn’t a word but you get the gist.) We have now been playing D&D for about a year now and there is something satisfying about creating a character and taking them through an adventure to save the world.

A while back I wrote a post covering how to play D&D on a budget and to this date we still make use of free websites and coins as characters. However, a year on we now have a few pieces we have bought that enhance our games. These accessories are some of the basics for getting more immersed in the worlds of D&D:

Dice – After sharing a pack of assorted plastic dice I decided to buy some dice of my own.

Players Handbook – We have had the players handbook from the beginning. It is perhaps the most important book I reference, often used to make new characters and look up spells and lore.

Dungeon Maters Guide – As the Dungeon Master (DM) for our group I have found the Dungeon Masters Guide a useful book for referencing enemies, and ways to build the world around us.

Terrain Pack – Finally the biggest upgrade me and my friends have made is to move away from scraps of paper to a terrain pack offering the ability to draw out dungeons and small settlements and then wipe them off at the end of the session.

One thing I have learnt over a year of playing D&D is that it’s not the accessories that we have but the people who you play with. Getting together round the table and sharing in the telling of these crazy stories is some of the most fun I have had as cheesy as that line sounds.

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