Exploring a haunted manor is nothing unusual in the video game horror genre. However, something more unsettling is entering that creaky old building without being able to see.

Perception follows Cassie, a blind woman who uses echolocation to form an image of the world around her. Armed only with a cane your only hope to navigate the manor is to tap the can on the floor to provide a brief image of the rooms and their contents. However, the more you use the cane the more you antagonise the spirits of the house…

Playing as a blind character is uncommon in video games and in a horror it adds to the unsettling nature of the experience. Never quite being able to see everything around you makes you feel more vulnerable and when the darkness beyond suddenly becomes illuminated by a sound your mind starts racing was it just the wind or is there something there?

Perception is an amazing horror experience, playing on our fears of what we can’t see and takeing advantage of our own ability to create things in our mind. We rely on our sight more than we realise so when that is taken away or limited  it completely changes the dynamic of the game.


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