Adventures In PC Gaming

As a gamer with a gaming PC I have to make a confession, to my shame I know next to nothing about computers. I was introduced to the world of PC gaming by a friend with a lot more knowledge on it and as a result got my first (and current) gaming PC a few years ago. It was a typical reasonably cheap computer (I have no idea what the stats of it are) that did what I asked of it and I did not tamper with it for a few years.

I was aware that it was possible to customise and upgrade a PC but had no idea how to and did not want to damage the computer. However, as with everything in life curiosity got the better of me and I opened it up. The result, I broke the graphics card (it’s a long story).

Another year or so went by and a new graphics card was bought (I got someone else to install it) and I was afraid of doing more damage. Again as is the nature of humans I eventually decided to change the case and install a larger hard drive. Using the amazing resource that is YouTube as a guide I managed to install the hard drive with no problems (to my surprise).

Changing the case was far less simple than I had expected. I purchased a case:

Corsair Carbide SPEC Series SPEC-01 Aggressive Red LED Mid Tower Gaming Case

And I decided to modify it with spray paint (which went better than I expected)

Taking apart the components of my PC and moving them into the new case was nerve-racking, I was very aware of avoiding a repeat of the graphics card incident. Spending a day dismantling my PC and transferring it over, using YouTube videos as a guide worked. My computer is now in its new case with a new hard drive and its given me a better understanding of how they work.

PC Gaming can be as simple as buying a computer or as complicated as building your own. Some people have the knowledge to build their own and some like myself have to do their research. When it goes right its pretty rewarding.

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