My Anime Experiance

This post is inspired by the amazing Artifis a cools site covering all things anime and who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

While I can’t profess the same love or knowledge of anime as Artifis can (Yugioh and Pokemon being the only Japanese style cartoons I have ever seen and I’m not sure they count! Do they?)

Anyway I do however love reading and on my bookshelf two anime have found a place along side Tolkien and CS Lewis. These being:

Blue Exorcist 

The first anime I have ever read, after a confusing beginning of wrapping my head around reading from back to front I became hooked. The book follows  Rin Okumura, and his studies at True Cross Academy a school for exorcists. I’m a huge fan of secret, mysterious and magical orders (I’m looking at you Assassin’s creed and Dark Brotherhood) so following an order of ghost hunting, demon killing exorcists is pretty awesome!

Death Note

Death Note is the second anime on my shelf and my favourite to date. Following a student Light who finds himself in the possession of a little black book. Every time a name is written in the book  that person will die. Twisted by the power of the Death Note Light seeks to rid the world of evil and crime killing all criminals no matter what they have done and even killing the innocents who stand in his way.

These two series are the first anime series I have read and there are some others already on my reading list.

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