ESO Morrowind

I have been playing the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind expansion for a few weeks now and finally got the end of the main story line. As with the nature of these expansions it’s almost impossible to completely finish everything there is to do I nows as good a time as any to review it! As a huge Elder Scrolls fan I was introduced to the series with Oblivion and having never played Morrowind I went into the expansion blind.


The first thing that stood apart was the setting. Vvardenfell is a vibrant and alien landscape that looks dramatically different to the other provinces of Tamriel. From the looming Red Mountain to the mushroom covered swamps the land is unique and vibrant.


The culture of the Dunmer is also amazing. The dark elves have a society unlike any other on Tamriel and shaped by the equally unique landscape. From the living god Vivec to the ashlanders of the north the architecture and elements of their faith and culture are so unlike the more european/medieval based societies of Tamriel making it worth exploring.


Politics is another part of Morrowind I went into with limited knowledge of.  With the great houses vying for power, the ashlanders standing against the ruling Tribunal and the Morag Tong, the assassins of Morrowind, lurking in the shadows the conflicts that arise make the game that bit more interesting.


Morrowind is a great expansion consisting of the huge region of Vvardenfell and with  a number of nods to the original Morrowind game. ESO Morrowind offers a great experience and while not a fan of paying continuously for different expansions to a game that I already had to buy Morrowind is a great expansion if your willing to pay. Going in blind made Vvardenfell even more alien to my eyes and enticed me into exploring its volcanic depths. With political intrigue, living gods and the Daedric plots  what’s not to love?

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  1. I just started the Morrowind expansion the other day and haven’t made it very far, but as a huge fan of the original game, it feels good being back in the same world (or a variation of it). Looking forward to spending more time there.

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      1. It hasn’t aged well at all, though there are some really great mods for it on PC. I put ~300 hours into the Xbox version back in the day, but my console took a dump and I lost everything. Had a great time breaking the game with magic.

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