Lifeline [receiving message]

Crashlanded on an alien world, alone, lost. The only help to hand is a complete stranger contacted over the radio who’s even more clueless when it comes to cases of space based survival.


Lifeline is a text-based adventure focused on Taylor a cadet marooned on an alien world. Lost and alone Taylor manages to reach someone on his communicator and that person is you. You become Taylor’s guide as he attempts to survive and explore this hostile, barren alien landscape.

As mobile games go Lifeline is the best I have played. I found myself constantly checking my phone anxious for any news or updates from Taylor to reassure me that my advice hadn’t got him killed ( sadly though I had got him killed many times).

The text-based adventure was perfectly suited to the story adding to the tension. Having only text and the time delay between you giving advice and Taylor acting on it led to the sense of tension and mirrored the remoteness caused by Taylor being many lightyears away.


Lifeline is a great mobile game and an amazing survival adventure following in the vein of games like The Walking Dead where your decisions have consequences shaping the story and outcome.  With a number of games in the series still waiting for me to play. For this text-based game to develop a genuine emotional attachment to Taylor shows how great the writing is.

2 thoughts

  1. This actually sounds really good. I love simple games like this when I just need to fill my time (without puzzles or word games). But it also sounds like you start getting attached to Taylor and hoping your advice actually helped! Going to download this right now and try it myself.

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