Creative Christmas: Christmas Gaming Memory

Thanks to the amazing Laterlevels for this amazing collaboration!

Day 2 Question: You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?

Snow and ice coat the ground, the wind howls viciously around the mountain peaks when  I stumble across a pub in the middle of nowhere the Nightingale Inn. No it’s not some remote pub in the English countryside it is of course a tavern in the wild lands of Skyrim.


My favourite gaming memory from Christmas time would have to be Skyrim. As I have covered in previous posts Skyrim is one of my all time favourite games and the first time I got to play it was on Christmas day. Stepping into the snowy winds of Skyrim was exciting, the first new Elder Scrolls game since Oblivion.

My fondest memory would be first hearing the grey beards booming voices carrying across the land after defeating my first dragon on the way back to Whiterun. It was the beginning of an adventure.

In truth the main quest as a whole is my fondest Christmas memory, I played through most of it on Christmas and finished it in the first few days after. Searching for Esbern and reforming the Blades oddly enough was perhaps one of my most memorable moments. Helping Delphine fine Esbern reminded me of Oblivion where I worked hand in hand with the Blades during the main questline.

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