Creative Christmas holiday gaming

I’m finally back to the Creative Christmas collaboration after the joys of a Winter cold! In hind-site it would have been easier to plan these posts in advance but I have enjoyed doing these posts off the cuff! But now it’s time to answer the next question:

So I’ve got some time for gaming (by some miracle) on Christmas Day what game do I play?

Well on Christmas Day while the family is distracted by the TV I’d quietly make my way upstairs and turn on my PC cursing as it makes the familiar boot up sound. And hoping no one else hears it.

Quickly I’d login to steam and select the game I’ve been waiting to play since it’s release earlier in the month. The final episode of Life Is Strange Before The Storm. Not even Christmas Day could distract me from finding out how this series ends!

The final part in the series may not be the most Christmasy game to choose but I can’t wait to see how the relationship of Chloe and Rachel comes to a conclusion. Drugs, violence, betrayal what’s better?

What would you play on Christmas Day?

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