Before The Storm: Hell is Empty

After a busy Christmas time with family and with a cold I finally have had a chance to play the final episode of Life is Strange Before the Storm: Hell is Empty. The first two episodes of Before the Storm have been amazing and if you haven’t played the two I would seriously recommend them both.


From the initial nostalgia of episode one returning to Arcadia Bay to the intense string of events Chloe finds herself wrapped up in the second episode things had been heating up quickly. This next episode provided a brief respite from the crazy drama found in the second episode before ending in a similarly explosive way.

As Chloe throughout this series we have been helping Rachel and through the events of this final episode we finally uncover just how crazy her situation is and how far Chloe is willing to go for her friend.


One of Deck Nine’s greatest achievements in this game is their representation of Chloe and Rachel’s relationship. They have managed to demonstrate the clear affection they have for each other without getting in the way of the main story. And they have managed to express the complex emotions and confusion of the teenage characters in a more accurate and less cliché way than the first series of Life is Strange.

The episode ends with a difficult choice that many of us could relate to, do we hide the truth from those we care about to spare their feelings or do we tell them the truth because they have a right to know?


Considering we all know how the story will ultimately end, Before The Storm has done an amazing job telling an emotional and surprising story showing how Chloe and Rachel’s relationship developed and what brought them together.

In my review of the previous episode I said that ultimately we all know how this story will end but since then  I have realised how much of the story we have been missing out on. Yes the end will come in the Red Room but before then there is a lot more questions that have not been answered between the events of the first game and the ending of the prequel who knows what else could have happened. And with a bonus episode coming out in 2018 who know what other revelations will be revealed!

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