The Forever Unplayed

Let’s be honest here guys, we all have them. They could be sitting in a cupboard, on your shelf or virtual library. Maybe they were a Christmas present you never really wanted, or something you really, really wanted then didn’t. I’m of course talking about those video games you buy and never play! Those games that are bought and destined to be nothing more than a dust collector.

I think it’s something every gamer does. We buy or are given a game then never get round to playing it. Maybe we just haven’t had time (then sunk 1000 hours into Skyrim) or maybe we just aren’t interested. It’s not just a gaming thing either, as a book-worm I have on my bookshelf too many books that I bought and then never bothered reading.

While I may never get around to playing these games, while they may sit there constantly collecting dust or in the case of Steam they may never have even  been downloaded I feel they deserve some recognition. Some level of acknowledgement for just being there, so here is my shortlist of unplayed games (to list them all may take up 10 pages!):

  1. Assassins Creed Black Flag – now I can explain, I know how great this game is supposed to be but you see I just never bothered putting the disc in my PC! Assassins Creed Origins is awesome so I may need to revisit it…AssassinsCreedBlackFlag
  2. Bioshock Infinite – again I can explain, this game is awesome I can’t deny that but I bought it after watching a full YouTube play through and so never really bothered playing it. I already knew the full storyline (something I now try to avoid)!BioShockInfinite
  3. Shadow of Mordor – I got it as a present, at first I thought it would be great but when I read up on it and realised it moves pretty far away from the original Lord of The Rings stories I lost interest. ShadowofMordor

To these three games and all the others I never played, and to all the gamers who have bought something never to have even seen the start menu and for all the gamers drawn in by the lure of Steam sales. Us gamers pay homage to those games that developers spent so long creating, but that we never bothered to play! So what games have you got and never played through?

9 thoughts

  1. I haven’t played Shadow of Mordor, but between the other two games, I like BioShock: Infinite more for providing a solid, succinct experience in an era when developers had a bad habit of padding out the length of their games. Black Flag is a pretty good game too, though its overarching plot doesn’t really end up going anywhere interesting.

    I got Doom some time back, but I found the gameplay and story rather unengaging. Maybe I’ll try it again later.

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  2. The only one I can speak to here is Shadow of Mordor; as a huge LotR fan, I can say that it does deviate a bit from the stories we all know and love, but it sits comfortably in Tolkien lore. I’m looking forward to playing the sequel because I want to see how the story is resolved, especially since it’s whole premise is that it sits between the events of The Hobbit and the events of LotR, and… other reasons that are sort of spoiler-filled but I want to see how they make it work within the important themes presented in LotR.

    As for me… unfortunately Uncharted 4 and Ratchet and Clank have been collecting dust for ever so long, which is a real tragedy, as far as I can tell. Maybe I’ll get around to them one day, as I have no excuse for not playing them…

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    1. I plan to give shadow of Mordor a go and I’m interested in the new one too at first I was put off by the separation from LOTR but it does look really cool. We all have those dust covered games! There’s a few I have and don’t know why I hadn’t played them

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  3. I got BioShock Infinite, my first of the BioShock series, free with a new graphics card. It seemed like a good way to test the new hardware, which I guess is why they bundle games in the first place. I was blown away.

    Since that time I’ve finished the first game, attempted to finish the second (so many crashes!) and I’ve still got the DLC from Infinite to play. Come to think of it, must be due a replay soon, it has been a while…

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  4. I got the same issue even though my ”never played list” has more than 300 games on it haha! I should really recommend Shadow Or Mordor. It really is a good game and I think this game is even better than the latest release Shadow of War. Even though I still need to finish Shadow of Mordor as well haha!

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