VR Ready?

Virtual Reality the scifi dream and now technological reality. VR has exploded into the world in recent times and of course quite quickly they have been developed for use with video games.

I’d like to think I am accepting of new technology and an early adopter of most but now VR is a reality I have found myself hesitating. They on paper are everything a gamer could wish for allowing  for greater immersion and the ability to interact more fully in what we are playing. I mean who doesn’t want to be able to shoot a bow and kill a dragon?


However, one of the major issues with the VR sets out there is that they are expensive considering their flaws. Obviously this is nothing new, new technology is often more expensive and new technology often comes with faults caused simply by the fact that they are too new for us to know all the issues and all the solutions to them.

Virtual Reality also has some health impacts most notably the effects of the screen can lead to motion sickness and dizziness which can really ruin your immersion and gaming experience when you need to run to the toilet! Not to mention the fact that the headsets are at this moment clunky and the trailing cables are a trip hazard. On top of that putting on what are in effect blinkers is just asking for some friend or family member to laugh at you running round the room and then for them to cause you to jump out of your skin!

VR is an exciting idea, and the potential for this technology in gaming and beyond is obvious. There are many pros to virtual reality too however, I feel that many of us gamers are blinded by the sheer awesomeness of the technology and the novelty of it all.

I think it is going to be a while before Virtual Reality technology is refined enough to be worth using for more than the odd video game. And certainly I am still holding off buying a VR set until the technology and the amount of games available has become more diverse. Only time will tell just how successful VR may become. But I’m interested to hear other people’s views on VR and if you have a VR set what do you think of it? Is it worth the investment?


2 thoughts

  1. I think vr in its current state is not worth getting. They still need to invest and improve they device before I will pick it up. Why should I get one now with flaws and which are very expensive, when I am able to pick it up in 5 years cheaper and way more improve :). But what a dream it is to be in a video game as the main character instead of playing the character.

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