Free Gaming Challenge: The Cursed Tower

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Next up in the free gaming challenge is The Cursed Tower. This is a story driven platformer where you play as an extremely devoted postman. Delivering a package you quickly find it won’t be easy. This package needs delivered to the top of a giant dungeon tower filled with traps and enemies. Armed only with a letter opener you embark on your quest.

The Cursed Tower is a fun platformer that reminds me of Mario. The pizzle art style, colourful and varied levels and detailed environment provide a fun (if deadly) tower to explore.

For the challenge I played through the first level “Den of Thieves”, even at the beginning level the game offers a good challenge (I died many times). The combat is challenging however and at times killing an enemy dying then killing the next and repeating that proces was the best way to get through multiple enemies.

The Cursed Tower is an amazing free to play game developed by Mohsin Rizvi and is definitely worth a play if you enjoyed games like mario in your childhood. I definitely can’t wait to complete the next level “Haunted Quarters”!

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