Quick Review: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Taking a quick break from the free gaming challenge I thought it would be worth a quick look at Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Released this month, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an action role-playing game developed by Warhorse Studios. It is set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia (modern-day Czechia), an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire, with a focus on historically accurate and realistic content.


You play as Henry the son of a blacksmith from a small mining town known as Skalitz. Set during a civil war the conflict soon finds its way to Skalitz and everything Henry has ever known is turned upside down. From there on you can shape Henry’s life making your own decisions as you navigate medieval life and Henry’s own quest for revenge.

The Pros:

One of the great things about the game is how beautiful it looks. The landscape is bright and colourful, the nature forests and trees look amazing. The castles, city and towns also look great, the aesthetic and level of realism help make the environment feel real with the only minor issue with the te graphics being that the people look a bit odd however, I feel that is something the we find in every game. Making a realistic human is pretty difficult without the teeth looking fake or the skin a bit plastic looking.

Another great thing is its realism. The developers actually hired a historian to help them through development and many of the settlements were created using antique maps and historical references. Realism in video games isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however, Kingdom Come does a great job of making the game more interesting. Elements like the religious beliefs and other attitudes of the time, nobel lords and god fearing peasants make the world feel more alive and show in great contrast how our time differs from the past.

Another great part of the game play is the challenge of the game.  No longer can you rely on frantic slashing or hurling fireballs at your enemies. Combat becomes a real risk (coupled with the fact that saving is checkpoint based) if the fight doesn’t kill you the wound still might. SImilarly while there are quests to do there is far less direction and hand holding. Just like real life you’ve got to work things out for yourself with quest objectives often adapting depending on how you tackle a problem. If you like a challenge you’ll love Kingdom Come.


The Cons:

When it comes to Kingdom Come the main issue I found was how slow the game is to get going. I have played 4 hours so far and only just got out of the more restricted opening story. From what I have seen from other review throughout the game the pace is relatively slow and large epic moments few and far between. While not in itself a bad thing it certainly takes some adjustment from the fast pace of most games and for some people it will feel boring.

The main issue I have had as well as many others is how buggy the game is. Kingdom Come has not been developed by some large company but even so, bugs, freezes and complete crashes do happen.On top of this systems like the lock picking mechanic are clunky and even the developers admit it needs work. Patches will come with time but it seems increasingly common for games to be released before they’re ready and at £30 personally I would prefer a more complete game but that doesn’t mean I have enjoyed this game any less!

Overall Kingdom Come is one of those Marmite games, people will either love it or hate it. The world is vibrant and feels lived in, the level of realism is impressive and while not to everyone’s taste to me it makes this world  one of the most immersive and believable settings (probably because all of this did actually happened!). Kingdom Come is definitely worth a play, being able to shape your story and explore a medieval world is amazing and surprisingly educational. However, I would wait a month or so for some kinks to be ironed out!



4 thoughts

  1. The game just seems to have everything I want to experience in a game, even with the slow pace. But I just can’t lay buggy games… With Internet developers have the possibility to just send patches to better the game, that’s why more and more we come up with games in the steam and playstation feed which in reality are not ready to come out… Miss the days where internet was not that accessible and developers had to make completely sure the game was good before releasing it! And I think they lose with that, maybe big known games can live with that because people will buy it anyway, however smaller names may just lose interested people because they read reviews and get to know that there are bugs. For example, if the game was not tht buggy this would go to my wish list in this moment, reading that it has bugs it will not and the time patches are starting to be released I will not even remember about this game anymore 😛 Great quick review! In a few minutes I was able to like the game and then put it aside because of the bugs, so really insightful!

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    1. Glad to have been of some use! Its a great game but I would recommend waiting for the patches to come out. I agree there’s nothing worse than games being released before they are ready. Minor issues I can cope with but if the game has a chance to freex and totally crash that’s a bigger issue!

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