Rise and Fall A Whole New Game

There’s nothing better than a huge DLC, something that brings in game changing features that improve the base game and are worth the cost.

Rise and Fall is the newest DLC I have bought for Sid Meier’s Civilisation 6. A turn based strategy game where you control a Civilisation through the centuries, settling new lands and working towards world domination (as you do).

Civ 6 is one of those games I played because I liked the previous iterations in the Civilisation series. However, on the whole other than the new graphical style the base game isn’t that impressive and I quickly lost interest.

With the introduction of the Rise and Fall DLC the game almost like a new game. New features allowing for revolts, new nations and a more complex diplomatic scene make the game more detailed and more satisfying to play.

Including the New DLC I would recommend Civ 6 to gamers who love strategy. However, this brings up the usual conflicting emotions. Civ 6 isn’t cheap and should a game rely on an equally expensive DLC to make it worth playing? As it stands Civ 6 has mirrored its predecessor. Civ 5 had a similar problem with the DLC making the game truly great.

DLC can add great additions to a game, providing more play time for fans and new features to keep us gamers interested. To that end the Rise and Fall DLC has succeeded. But when the game without the DLC falls short of gamers expectations it can be frustrating when you have to pay extra just to make the game worth playing. DLC is always going to be a point of friction for gamers but what do you think? And I’m curious, what is the worst DLC you ever bought?

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  1. I’m there with you about Civ 6. Apart of not having what you could call a campaign (which I love and makes me to stick way more time with strategy games) I always loved the Civ Series and when I tryed Civ 6 I was like you… It seemed that I was just playing CIV 5, regarding having to spend money in a DLC to have a “new game”… I don’t fall for that sincerly… Don’t get me wrong I love DLCs and there are games out there who were really good and the DLC were even better… But having to put out a DLC to change things around that should have been done in the first place and ask people large amounts of money for it just feels wrong… You can say at least they are hearing their community… I guess.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, I agree! The DLC I like are ones like Dragonborn for Skyrim because they add a whole new area to explore, DLC that just messes with the base game tends not to interest me if rather they would just make that game in the first place!

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