Blogging Anniversary!

Following my perhaps premature post at the start of this month (I guess I like to be prepared!) Today is the one year anniversary of ClanGeek and my first post. After just one year of blogging I have found it to be an amazing experience that has opened my eyes to a whole other side to the gaming community in the form of other intrepid bloggers. The community of bloggers are amazing, and the community nominated awards I have seen bloggers achieve is an amazing way to express our appreciation for other bloggers.

First things first though, I’ve got three questions poised at the start of this month:

LightningEllen – What inspired you to start blogging?

Image result for yogscast

I started blogging because I was inspired by the people I’d grown up watching online. Youtubers like the Yogscast in particular, having fun and sharing their passion with us gamers was inspiring. Blogging I felt would be a way for me to give back in a small way to the internet as it were for all the fun and amazing people I watched (that and blogging at the time seemed less intimidating to me than creating videos for Youtube!)

A Geeky Gal –  What is one piece of advice you would give to new bloggers?
The one piece of advice I’d give new bloggers or anyone thinking of starting a blog is to just go for it! Ok, maybe it’s not the most original advice but it’s true. I hesitated for a few weeks before posting, I looked up advice online (almost all of it is about making money and finding a niche etc.) all of which basically takes the fun out of it to me!
If you were like me at first you would be nervous about posting something the whole world can see and nervous that you would mess up. The best thing you can do is just write, if you enjoyed writing it, it shouldn’t matter what others think. Also you’ll make mistakes, but that’s fine! Without making mistakes you won’t learn!
thero159  – What has been your favourite post to write, so far?
Tough question, it would probably have to be “Geek’s Gander into Book Repair” simply because it was something different and creative. Repairing a pretty knackered  old copy of The Hobbit was a fun project and turned out great! I have since read the book and it seems to be holding up well!
With one year down I have no intentions to stop posting on my small slice of the internet. Thanks to all the amazing people I’ve ‘met’ (in that virtual internet sence of the term) and I can’t wait to read some more posts and see where things go from here!
Thank You To Everyone!

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday (Do we say it like this? I dunno!)! It’s always great seeing people who have been blogging for so much time and still seiing them around! I’m still a newcomer so I only can learn with you!!! And great advice to newcomers. Just do it! It scares the s**** out of us in the beginning but we end up getting used to have our feelings and words throughout the Internet… I guess! Cheers to the next year!

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