Dying Light, Parkour With Zombies!

Running through the slums of Harran, vaulting over Zombies and drop kicking enemies. 20+ hours into the game and I find myself wondering why I haven’t played this game sooner i mean it’s 3 years old now but Dying Light is most definitely worth playing!

As a small aside, as with most of my write ups of games I always try to avoid spoilers so please enjoy some scenic images of the desolate city of Harran.


In many ways Dying Light is like most Zombie apocalypse style games, with the ability to craft weapons, loot buildings and with the usual Left4Dead style zombie types. However, Dying Light puts a greater emphasis on parkour, of running over rooftops and scaling skyscrapers like a certain group of Assassins we may all  be aware of .

The story line is one of my favourites. The zombie apocalypse in Harran has been successfully contained so unlike in most games you are trapped in with the zombies while the rest of the world is literally watching on. Thanks to Antesin a Zombie bite isn’t a death sentence and the story instead revolves around the human side of the apocalypse involving the usual mysterious government organisations, survivors and crazy warlords. You play as Crane, an agent for the organisation known as the GRE, you are sent into Harran to recover a top secret file. Soon after you get caught up in the craziness of the apocalypse, and work as a runner gathering supplies and dodging hordes of infected.

The world of Dying Light is amazing, there is something satisfying about exploring the desolate city from the rooftops. The combat is challenging and the night time. Well lets just say I noped out of the night time for most of the games. At night the volatiles come out, the most horrifying and lethal of the zombies. I found myself stopping whatever quest I was on and running to the nearest safe zone!


I think Dying Light stands out because there is hope in the world. Society hasn’t been wiped out, in the quarantine Antesin and Air Drops keep the survivors alive and there is a search for a cure. As you explore random encounters bring the world to life and survivors will at times tell you their stories providing context the events resulting in this disaster.

At three years old I’m surprised I have not got round to playing it sooner. If you haven’t played it and are looking for a Walking Dead/Assassin’s Creed crossover then Dying Light is worth it!


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