The Fellowship Of The Ring: Book 1 Review

As of today I’ve finished Book 1, the first part of Tolkien’s Fellowship Of The Ring. Granted Fellowship has been the first book in my reading list for this year and I’m only half way through but I may have underestimated the distractions of work and gaming combined with Tolkien’s writing style.


It seems a bit odd writing a review of a book that’s been published for over 50 years but I feel most of us know the story through the films and to my surprise they do vary a lot!

Fellowship Of The Ring follows a different writing style to most modern tales. The pacing is a lot slower with gradual buildups to action with more time spent on building the world and the characters. As someone used to the rapid paced action of modern books and games it took some getting used to but this gradual writing style sets things up amazingly for the action to come and paints a vivid picture of the world Tolkien’s spent so much effort on building.

One thing the Fellowship has over its movie counterpart is some awesome characters. Tom Bombadill just to name one who has some amazing lore attached to him and adds a flair of lightheartedness into the Hobbits dangerous escape from the shire.


The Elves too are offered more context too their nature. Their flight from Middle Earth and their somewhat uptight nature has more of an explanation and the Elves play a more active role in helping the Hobbits along with Strider (Aragorn).

Book 1 and it’s 215 pages down and the Hobbits have only just reached Rivendell, another 200 to go. The Fellowship Of The Ring gently drops the reader into Tolkien’s world and explores its past and allows us to get to know the players. Book 1 and the rest of the Fellowship sets things up for the fight against the Dark Lord to come.

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