Important Update: 100 Followers, Twitch and More!

First things first I want to give a HUGE thank you to the 100 followers my blog has reached in little over a year of blogging. It’s been amazing to meet and chat with so many gamers and bloggers (virtually anyways) and it’s been awesome to share my opinions and talk about the geeky stuff I love with people who love the same sort of stuff.

When I first started ClanGeek I had no real ambitions with it, I just wanted an outlet to be creative and to express the love I have for the hobbies I do. Now with 100 followers I have realised that maybe a bit more planning needs to go into this!

So instead of coming up with and writing posts in the space of an hour or so I’m starting a list and spending more time on each post. Hopefully what I am coming out with will therefore be more entertaining, in depth and well written (I think it’s time I dust off the English Language ALevel I have lying around somewhere!)

The next big thing I want to do is push myself some more. Blogging to me wasn’t just about having an outlet. It was also about pushing myself and building confidence. I’m hardly the most confident outgoing person, more of a proud introvert with a computer. I intentionally chose a blog name that was not linked to my actual name and I chose not to show my face because putting something out there where potentially everyone can see is scary. Even if a site like mine is hardly going to attract the attention of the world, the fact that anyone could see was weird to me.

Saying all that, my biggest inspirations are the Youtubers I watched in school. Those who entertained and opened up to their audience. So I have set up a goal for myself, by the end of next week I will have done my first live stream on (can you believe someone had already took ClanGeek!) I will announce on my Twitter when I will be going live and if anyone’s interested in watching a somewhat anxious 20year old, with a northern accent get mauled by zombies repeatedly then come and watch!

100 Followers is more than I ever expected and here’s to 100 more!

6 thoughts

  1. Congratulations! I only recently found your blog but I really wish you good luck!! I really hope everything continues to go positively for you, and from now on I’ll be supporting you until you reach your next milestone 🙂

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    1. Wow thanks! It’s amazing to hear something like that, I never really came to this with any expectations so have been amazed with each milestone I’ve reached! (As cheesey has that sounds)

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  2. Congratulations on the milestone of followers! That is fantastic. Also good luck with your live stream.

    I can relate a lot to what you say here with not expecting much, not showing your face, name unrelated to your real name etc. That is how I was when I started this blog. I’m glad you have gained some confidence and are setting up plans for the future (I’m tempted by streaming but still working out whether to take the step and do that as well).

    Good luck with what comes next for you, your blog and streaming!

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    1. Thanks! YouTube has interested me since a kid (I think everyone wanted to record minecraft videos back in the day!) Streaming is what interests me know though and while I’m terrified of the idea it’s also exciting so fingers crossed it works and more importantly I enjoy doing it!

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