DnD War Stories

Any one who has played Dungeons and Dragons before never leaves a game without a few stories to tell. You put an Elf, Halfling and a Dragonborn in a Tavern along with a shady looking hooded figure in the corner who has been asking around for adventurers and it would be a surprise if nothing happened. Hearing other people’s Dungeons and Dragons war stories is always fun and inspired by TableTop Weekly’s new podcast, with my own DnD campaign coming to its end I thought I’d share some war stories of my own for those curious about DnD.

The Princess of Lunas

After escaping prison the party found themselves at a small Wood Elf colony under the rule of King Eldor. While exploring the settlement our Human Wizard Monty (who had a dislike of elves) approached a fine elven woman meditating under a tree. Monty then proceeded to get into an argument with her over the nature of magic. After a number of insults she slapped Monty and in return he punched her and was ready for a full blown fight. Then her father showed up. King Eldor. Yeah…we had a lot of digging to do complete with a quest to raid a giant spider nest to get Monty out of that hole!

Resting in Peace?

Heading north of Lunas the party soon arrived at a small human settlement which the elves had sent some scouts to who had not returned. Arriving there the party defeated the evil organisation who had taken over the settlement (standard adventuring stuff). Bursting into the settlement’s castle the party was faced with the elven scouts corpses scattered across the floor. As is the way in a party with different alignments the one elf in the group decided to loot the corpses while the other party members being more good aligned resisted. This resulted in a hogtied elf being carried out of the castle by a wizard and a gnome. Not exactly how heroic adventures should behave.

The Flaming Pirate King

Across the ocean on the pirate isle the party found themselves with some down time. While shopping around in the market and keeping an eye on their coin purses the Pirate King was passing through. As the pirate king he was dressed in flamboyant colourful clothes with a magnificent hat with a giant feather. The issue? The party’s elf Virginia was a pirate who had a problem with authority. After insulting the king she was ordered to burn down her own ship as punishment. Seemingly obliging, she pulled out her  tinderbox. Creating a spark, with a spin and flick of her wrist she threw the spark into his hat. The pirate’s magnificent hat, feather and all was engulfed in flames! Suffice it to say he was not happy and a crazy pursuit through the pirate city ensued.

Spider Climb

The final iconic moment I remember was when the party was facing a large group of terrorists who were smuggling in crystals that caused crazy effects and explosions when anyone casted a spell. We confronted the group in a mine so there wasn’t a lot of room to move. After nearly blowing himself up with a fire bolt due to the crystals Monty or wizard decided to use spider climb to get up and away from the effects of the crystals. As a result one of the key fighters in the group refused to cast any more spells and stayed stuck to the roof. A few crossbow bolts later and our mighty spell caster was knocked out cold on the floor leaving two party members to deal with a crazy number of enemies and only just avoiding a total party kill.

These are just four tales from our current campaign, Dungeons and Dragons has limitless opportunities and as a result literally anything is possible at the game table if the dice rolls in your favour. Do you play DnD? What war stories do you have?


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