Lonnfellin – A Whole New World!

Two years in and my first ever D&D campaign is coming to a natural end. The party has endured and survived (well mostly survived) the terrors thrown against them and we are looking to the next adventure.

As the DM I have begun work on a completely new setting, a homebrew world with its own nation’s history and culture. I have just created the terrain map for the world and begun planning some rough nations and concepts for the world. As I begin to create the setting I need a place to collect the knowledge and develop the world and of course get some feedback and suggestions from any of you who are willing!

Using my limited skills (and Paint 3D) I have created a terrain map and came up with some initial ideas for the two main continents. So without further adieu here is the world of  Lonnfellin.

New World v5

Continent of Dianawe

New World v5

Dianawe is the homeland of civilisation. Over the years the land has been split among numerous nations, unified under mighty empires and broken again through war and calamity. The last great empire ruled by the High Elves stretched from the desert sands, to the frozen seas. Still within the memory of elves but long now forgotten to men the empire fell through bloody uprisings of humans angered by the elves close guarding of magic and their oppressive population controls on the rapidly growing human populace.

Races of Dianawe:

High Elves, the dominant race and culture. Experts of magic they live in ancient cities built up over millenia. Their great empire has fallen but they hold great political influence over the other nations and their own nations are ruled by well established ruling houses.

Humans, now the most numerous race on Dianawe since the fall of the last elven empire. Humans have set up a number of petty kingdoms and republics  across the land and as their populations have grown they have begun looking across the sea for new land to conquer.

Dwarves, dwelling predominantly around the great mountains and the rocky shore of the west. They have carved great cities from mountain peaks and across the flatter planes set up sprawling settlements around deep ravine mines carved down into the earth. They are great miners and traders, with complex trading networks across the mountain passes and around the treacherously rocky shores of the west.

Lizardfolk, dwelling in the northernmost regions of Dianawe in the shifting desert sands and along the mighty rivers. Cold blooded humanoids they are accustomed to the desert climate. They form into a number of tribes each with a chieftain. Their chieftains are made up of the few still holding the blood of dragons, the long extinct ancestors of the lizardfolk.

Continent of Dorchamaru

New World v5

Dorcha is the southern land, a wild place of dark and ancient mystery. The land of Dorcha is a place of dark dense forest and impassable mountains. Few settlements and organised nations exist on its shores but tribal peoples roam the land. Dorcha is the only other continent known to the people of this world and the nations of Dianawe have slowly begun to attempt to settle this land.

Races of Dorchamaru:

Humans, the people of Dorcha are primitive and tribal, worshipers of nature living along the rivers and in the forests in harmony with the spirits of nature and the elvish people of Dorcha. More recently humans from Dianawe have begun setting up settlements along the northern cost.

Wood Elves, natives of Dorcha they may be related to the High Elves but they have adapted over millenia to Dorcha’s wild environment. They are wild and tribal living alongside humans in tribal villages. The wood elves are skilled hunters living deep in the forests and have evolved to be thinner and shorter than High Elves with wide eyes and horns.

Tabaxi, cat like humanoids, they keep their origins to their self all that is known is that they have come to Dorcha from unknown lands far to the east in search of riches, trade and new lands to roam. Tabaxi are nomadic explorers and know the safest ways across the land. They are storytellers, traders and nomads favouring trade with the local tribes than the colonising people of Dianawe.

Yuanti, are serpentine humanoids, not unlike the lizardfolk. They are one of the eldest races according to their own tales, they were the most dominant people of ancient days. They are powerful beings but their numbers have long since declined. Now only found in the western highlands of Dorcha in ancient dispersed cities of stone. They are experts of intrigue and combat often coming into conflict with humans who they take for slaves and to help boost their population. They pick off any that enter their land, and the Tabaxi know better than to enter their territory, though if needed they are aware of the few routes through that could be considered safe.

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