Settlements of Dorchamaru

Dorcha, the southern land, a wild place of dark and ancient mystery. The land of Dorcha is a place of dark dense forest and impassable mountains. A land of tribes and loose isolated communities Dorcha is experiencing dramatic change. From the north, across the waters a strange people have arrived upon the rocky shore. These people dressed strangely Men, Elves, Dwarves and strange lizardfolk from a land they call Dianawe.

Southern colonies

These strange visitors did not take long to decide to make their visit more permanent. The people of Dianawe quickly came into conflict with the tribal communities either enforcing their influence over their homes or erasing them from the forest. They began to clear the dense woodland began to plough the land and strive to tame it.

The Tabaxi, feline nomads and traders quickly began to bicker among themselves as many traders saw an opportunity selling strange exotics to the newcomers and taking payment for guiding the colonists deeper into the wilds of Dorcha. While other traders valuing the ways of the natives they have built up a report with use their influence, goods and knowledge of their home land to support them against the invaders.

Southern coloniesTo the west of the largest colony is an impenetrable mountain range the colonists have taken to call the Fang Peaks. Their treacherous terrain has prevented western expansion though the Dwarven folk of Dianawe more than any other visitors have turned their attention west in the hopes of uncovering new resources.

The Fang Peaks are home to the Yuanti an ancient serpentine race the natives of Dorcha have long since avoided and feared. The Yuanti have often sent troops down to the lowlands to raid nearby communities for slave labour, the newcomers are no exception to this. Tales of demonic monsters coming from mountains, raiding their outposts and taking people in the night.

Already the old continent has begun to hear dark tales from the south. Tales of feline wayfarers, creatures with wild eyes that come and go like mist in the woods and primitive men who one with the trees. Most disturbing of all is the tales of deformed beings of scale  and fang, beings that slither into homesteads in the night leaving empty beds and desolate homes. Who knows if the people of Dianawe will retreat to their homeland or arrive in greater number to tame this land.


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