Move over Edward, you glittery vampire you it’s time to go back to our vampiric roots and the ever cheerful setting of gothic London.


Vampyr is a gothic action role-playing game by Dontnod, creators of Life is Strange. Set in London during the 1918 Spanish flu, You play as Doctor Jonathan Reid, a prominent doctor and blood transfusion specialist returning from the front to find himself dead and crawling his way out of a mass grave.

Vampyr is a return to the more traditional vampire concept, Jonathan is a newly converted vampire confused and struggling to come to terms with his new-found immortality.

Jonathan quickly finds a home in the Pembroke Hospital where he takes a position as doctor on the night shift (the perfect cover). From there Reid attempts to help the people of London, look for a cure for his “condition” and hopefully save London from the spanish flu.


As Ried you could choose not to help civilians, killing indiscriminately and plunging London into greater chaos. It’s up to you.


Yes Vampyr is another choice based game. You can choose your difficulty and who/if you want to kill civilians. The more people you feed on the more xp you get and the easier the game. The fewer you kill the harder the game. Either way they impact upon which final ending you get.

Vampyre puts an interesting spin on the Vampire story, using traditional lore (including the fact that you can’t enter an occupied house uninvited). Putting a new spin on the genre, I love the way it puts your moral ideas against you gameplay preferences. You want to play a good vampire, you play a hard game. You want an easy play through, then you’ll have to kill.

I cannot wait to finish the story and get to the bottom of what is going on, on the streets of Edwardian London.

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