Gamers Unplugged

Technology is everywhere and gaming is one of many modern hobbies that is nearly entirely reliant on the power that comes from that magical socket in the wall.

The other day my internet went down at home. It was a bit of a wake up call how much I relied on it, I was watching YouTube on my computer and scrolling through my phone then nothing. The 4G in my area is of about as much use as a potato and so I found myself staring at the flashing light on the router waiting for it to fix itself. Eventually I gave up and went downstairs to make a cuppa (as all British do in times of distress) and watched TV.

I went from one screen to another as a default and when I was watching the telly I reflected on how much time I spend on a screen (like I am right now writing this post!)

I’ve decided to take some time to disconnect and unplug. Each day I’m planning to spend 2 hours doing a non-electronic activity. Each day I am going to think smarter about how and when I use technology and not just look at my phone because I’m bored or play a game to fill time and not actually for the joy of playing it.

It’s a chance to invest more time in other hobbies I love, to spend time painting, writing (not typing), walking and working my way through my massive reading backlog. My first goal is to break through my Reading List. So far I have only just reached the final pages of The Fellowship of The Ring and can’t wait to dive into another book.

Everyone needs to disconnect from technology now and again. What do you do to disconnect?

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