DnD Gods of Lonfellin!

Before you stands a large tower, its huge pale blue painted facade dominates the plaza you find yourself standing in. You have been swept from where ever you first read these words into a world of magic, elves and men (sorry if you were sitting on the toilet at the time!).

You walk across the plaza towards the open archway into the tower. Three large bells toll from niches in the building above reverberating in your chest and ringing in your ears. Streaks of sunlight warm your face as you look up to the bells. Was there a figure by that bottom bell?

As you enter the arch sweet smells and smoke fill your senses, you see deeper beyond into a curved room. Characters who would look at home at Comic Con or World of Warcraft sit around the room  focused inwards. The hushed rumble of a thousand people whispering cuts through the ring of the bells outside.

At the centre standing tall a fair elf face framed by gently curling black hair addresses the congregation. Her dress is pale blue emblazoned with three overlapping stars.

“To begin with there were three: Melt the First Light, Ofalus the Keen One, Cerddor Will Spinner.” her eyes survey the room with cold command.

” They formed our world in an instant and imbued it with their divine energy, igniting our planet’s beating heart. Over millennia life took root formed from the earth. The three created their children to walk the world and shape the evolving life.”

The sunlight breathing the room’s centre flickers. Just briefly.

“These children created the Elves and gave us dominion over nature. But where their influence did not reach the untamed wilds birthed men and dwarves, other races and beasts. These rouge creations that honoured our domain were gifted civility, peace and rule of law.”

Her fierce eyes green as emeralds look over the crowded and lock with yours. Her expression serene yet ominous. You swear there is the hint of a crease on her forehead, an almost indistinct frown maybe?

” Those who rejected our domain turned to the Earth and worshiped it and nature instead! Over time sadly even those who accepted our rule and guidance turned their back onto the three and their children. They turned to their base needs and through force of will and faith the Mundane Gods were born.” (If air quotations could be made with the voice then ‘Gods’ would definitely be surrounded by them.)

A shape darts past your peripheral vision. Was someone running?

” We of course know the truth, above all is the Three, below them their children the Great Gods, below them are the Mundane Gods. Some are not evil no, but they are nothing in comparison to the original ones. Last of all is the Earth and nature, gifted the divine spark of life but not worthy of veneration in fac…”

She’s stopped. Her eyes focused solely on you. No wait not you but above you? The air is filled with what feels like static, the sound of arcane language fills the air and a flash half blinding blurs your eyes. A bolt leaves her hands arching upwards to where her eyes gazed.

Gasps barely audible and concerned cries are all you remember as carried by a sea of unnerved worshipers you are swept from the temple. Caught in the current all you see is flashes of radiant light and blue sparks like lightning. You see your breath condense in an icy wind before your cheeks go red flush with a gout of flame over head.

The relentless tide throws you out onto the flagstone of the square and the warmth of the sun replaces the chaos within the temple. You here one last sound, like thunder mixed with a dull ring, the ground cast in sudden shadow. You risk a look, high above a great bell comes crashing down bouncing against the tower hewing great chunks of masonry on its path downwards. Downwards? Right towards you. The bell warped, the symbol of a tree graffitied across its golden surface the world goes black with a clunk. You are back in your room.



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