Embracing Geeky Weirdness!

First things first let’s just make it clear. Everyone is weird when you think about it. If everyone is unique then no one is normal so by definition weird and that’s ok. In any community there are norms that its people follow meaning there is always scope for people to break those traditions and be seen as weird.

If you’re already sick of reading the word weird then sorry but I will break out the thesaurus and try and use some other words to break this post up!

So as a gamer, DnD player and lover of all things fantasy while at the same time being an adult it’s inevitable that some people find my hobbies weird. Be that well meaning grandparents who think gaming is for children (clearly I need to get them to play the Last of US!) or parents who thing there is a thing as having too many plants in one room or be it colleagues who thought DnD was only for people living in basements.

If you think about it we all find each other to be eccentric (I almost said the w word again there) and have our own quirks. So I’d like to challenge any of you reading to confess some of your geeky weirdness, to embrace it and show the world that we are all kinda weird and that’s fine in the comments below! Of course I can’t expect you to do it and not do the same so here are some of my own geeky weird quirks:

All The Plants!

Geeky hobbies doesn’t end at the console, I love house plants and if my family is anything to go by they seem to think it’s possible to have a plant addiction. I have 15 in my room at present because they look cool and are just fun and satisfying to see the flourish and grow (well unless you kill them!).

Fantasy Languages

Another quirk is my love of fantasy languages and it doesn’t just extend to the world of Middle Earth. As a Dungeon Master cresting a homebru world there are times where I get a little bit carried away creating fantasy names for settlements and other words. I also created my own runes use in the world.

Never Ever Replay

Ok even I admit it’s a bit odd but I never replay narrative heavy games like The Walking Dead and similarly never reread a book. I don’t know why but I don’t like re reading or replaying I think it’s because I already know how the story ends and so lose all the tension or excitement in the story?

Main Quest First!

While most gamers gifted with an open world abandon the main story preferring to explore I instead complete the main quest before I do anything else. When playing Skyrim I would discover new places and ignore them until I had completed the main story before going back to explore them.

Never Skipping Dialogue

I don’t exactly know if it’s an odd thing to do but I always listen to every dialogue option given in a game. And I always listen to it no matter how random or unimportant I never skip them!

Now it’s your turn! What odd geeky things do you do?

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