Telltale’s Last Tale

Well I’m sure most of you have seen it across the gaming news. Telltale has announced on Friday that they are closing down, 250 staff have been laid off without redundancy pay and from what sources across the internet have indicated without any notice either.

It’s a sad turn of events from a studio that has made some amazing games, personally I am truly gutted that the final episode of The Walking Dead’s final season may not happen. The Walking Dead has been loved and followed by fans for years and its gutting to know it won’t be finished. Along with all the other amazing projects that were in the pipeline. Wolf Among Us 2, you will be missed.

Its gutting to see a studio that has created so much good work shut down. But what I have found more upsetting is that fact that 250 people now have no job. Not to mention the stories creeping out across social media and the internet of the treatment of employees at Telltale. It is not something I want to go into too much because I feel I am one of the least connected to the whole situation and spreading what’s said online is always something I’m wary of. But the tales of long working hours, of prioritisation of board and shareholders over staff are sad to hear.

On a lighter note though and one that shows just how amazing the games industry and community is, we have seen a huge number of other developers offering support to those who have lost their jobs. The #telltalejobs on twitter has been set up for this purpose and its heartwarming to see react in such a friendly and united way and certainly in a way I can’t see many other entertainment industries reacting.

So where do things go from here? Well Telltale have not made any other comments except to announce its closure. Only time will tell how many and how far the tales of mistreatment in Telltale of staff go. All the while us gamers are left knowing that on of the great developers and creators of the multichoice style they were known for did not perhaps handle things in the right way behind the scenes and that the games many have loved and have been waiting for won’t be getting made.

There’s little more I can really add, I suppose the main thing I wanted to see is what you all think of the situation. Where you looking forward to any of the games that we will no longer get? And I’m curious, what was your favourite Telltale game?

My favourite Telltale game was The Walking Dead, the final season is amazing. Follow the link for my post on Done Running.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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