The Walking Dead – Suffer The Children

Well it’s been a crazy few days in the world of Telltale but yesterday Episode 2 Suffer The Children was released. True to form I played through the episode in a day and it was amazing.

Following on from the ending of Episode 1 you are thrown into the fallout of AJ’s actions and it was amazing. I have been continually impressed with how The Walking Dead has approached the paternal relationship Clem and AJ has. Throughout the episode there are a number of opportunities to shape AJ’s character and its an interesting dynamic where you find yourself balancing morality against survival and questioning how important teaching AJ to be “good” is when the entire world has fallen apart.

The story itself is a great continuation of the threads set up in Episode 1 and interestingly begins to explore something the Zombie Apocalypse genre tends to avoid. There are hints within the episode that societies in some form are rebuilding. The exploration of how innocent people are caught up in the conflicts and politics that comes from these new communities is an interesting and amazing part of the Episode.

However, as far as the love triangle in the game goes. Personally I found it predictable, unnecessary and felt it did not add much to the game overall.


The Walking Dead final season to date has been an amazing addition to the Walking Dead saga. However, Episode 2 is bitter-sweet. Thanks to the drama and sad news out of TelltaleGames that I covered here “Telltale’s Last Tale” it was sad to know while playing Episode 2 that it is the last episode we might get. Episode 2 was clearly written to develop the story but not to be an emotional or impactful ending to a 6 year series. Sadly Episode 2 while a great episode ultimately falls short with the end of The Walking Dead series now here it’s not what most of us gamers may have wanted.

Saying all that, the fact is I would still want to say a final thank you to the amazing staff at Telltale who gave us The Walking Dead and thanks for giving us Clem and Lee and thanks to all the amazing voice actors who brought it all to life. The Walking Dead has been an awesome ride, it made me a fan of Yogscast Hannah through her play throughs and it held the banner for the narrative focused video game in a time when so few other games put any real focus on writing.

The Walking Dead may never be finished. There are rumors that there is “interested parties” keen to release the final episodes in “some form” but personally I’d rather it ended here rather than it becoming some well-intentioned shell of the original Final Season. The Walking Dead will always be remembered fondly and be praised for its story and everything else it has contributed to the gaming industry and that should be all that matters in the end.

Still I’d be interested to hear, what were your thoughts on Episode 2 if you played it? And do you think some version of the final game should still be released?

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Thanks for reading to the end!

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