Solbot: Energy Rush

Every now and again I cover the odd Mobile game. While I’m not a big mobile game player there are two categories I love: more “hardcore” or narrative games and the fun casual ones that are great for dipping in and out of when you have a few minutes.

Recently I haven’t played any mobile games so when Freakout Games approached me with their new game Solbot:Energy Rush I wanted to try it out not only to support an indie developer but also to see if their game can restart my love for mobile games.

Freakout Games is an indie developer and one of their goals is through gamification provide education and promote social awareness.

Their game Solbot is a fun top down game in which you play as a robot flying through space dodging obstacles and collecting orbs. It’s a fun colourful game in a similar vein to a lot of the other casual games I have played. The sound track is an awesome funky guitar based song with a retro feel. I’ve played to level 11 so far which might not seem like much but based on my reaction times with games like this it was a worthy challenge!


The twist is Solbot has information on caring for the environment and living more sustainably built in. I would say it would be beneficial if these facts were more integrated into the game but I totally love the idea! Games are so much more than entertainment now and it’s great when you see games devolved that have a focus on modern challenges like climate change.

Solbot is a free to play app and if your in the market for a new casual mobile game it’s definitely worth a try. It’s great to see a developer put focus on blending gaming and social awareness and it’s great to see another indie developer out there who makes some cool games I’m now going to check out!

Solbot is available on:



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