ClanGeek October Update!

Hi everyone it’s Matthew here from ClanGeek. It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update so I’ve got a few things to cover. But feel like I should start with asking  how are you doing? Hope the autumn weather isn’t getting people down already!

First things first I am adjusting my blogging schedule. I am moving from posting twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) and moving to more frequent posts. It’s mostly because after just over a year of blogging and engaging with the amazing community on WordPress I really want to devote more time and effort to my blog. So from now on you’ll see posts every: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!

I’m thinking of eventually moving to daily posting but I want to see how this more frequent schedule affects things and make sure that I’m only posting about games and other topics of interest to me and not just for the sake of a timetable.

Next up since my last update a few things have happened. My Twitch channel has been largely quiet. I have only streamed twice but it’s been a fun and challenging experience. I still want to explore streaming some more but am waiting to a time when I can devote more effort to Twitch. Props to anyone who is a regular streamer that takes a level of dedication and commitment I’m not in a position to offer as yet!

On top of that I’m now also on Instagram @clan_geek for those interested! Mostly I post about any gaming, DnD or other interests of mine (my plants seem to be a recurring theme)! I’ve tried to follow as many of the bloggers I know already as I could but know I have missed a few so if you’re on it follow me and I’ll follow you back!

October’s shaping up to be an interesting month, with some awesome games on the way I can’t wait for Call of Cthulhu! I’ll be covering even more games, DnD and geeky stuff and this month I have my first Collab coming out the week of the 21st so keep your eyes open for that one because I can’t wait. It’s definitely going to be an interesting one!

Other than all of that I am actually exploring expanding my blog which is just amazing when I think of how little I expected to come of my blog when I started March last year. I am looking into setting up a Merch/shop section. I’m thinking bookmarks, DnD Dice sets, notepads and some apparel stuff but its early days yet and I’d be interested to know people’s thoughts on that one.

Anyways hope the Autumn season has started well for you and see you at Wednesday’s post!


Thanks for reading to the end!

If you enjoyed this post feel free to visit the Clan again, I post every Monday, Wednesday Friday and Sunday!

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