What Are Your Reading?

Today’s post has been a little delayed thanks to a pretty hectic week but here we are!

Early this year I had set a reading list for the year and it’s now October and I’m on book 2 of 5! So I may be a little behind schedule but I would deal the reading list a huge success. In the past I have went a full year without picking up let along finishing a book.

This year I have already finished The Fellowship Of The Ring which is something I have wanted to do for ages and never committed to. I’m a huge believer in the important of reading, it helps improve our imaginations, grammar and general English skills. Not to mention it’s upper fun and helps us disconnect from technology. Well unless you have an e-reader that is!

I’m now half way through The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman the third book in The Invisible Library series. The series follows the adventures of Irene and her apprentice Kai, members of a secret Library who’s librarians travel between alternate realities stealing books among other things all while avoiding drawing the attention of the fae and dragons who are in a power struggle for controls of the multiverse. It’s an amazing series and one of only a handful along with Tolkien and Joe Abercrombie’s Shatter Sea trilogy that have really drawn me in and got me coming back for more!

I’m halfway through book two and feel like I’m back in love with reading. So I wanted to see what are you reading right now? Or what has been your favourite book?

Thanks for reading to the end!

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11 thoughts

  1. I don’t get around to reading much, I mostly do it on holidays. I’ve started The Invisible Library twice now. I really like the concept of it and have enjoyed the opening, I just need to actually commit to reading it. Probably have to start it again now though…
    The last series I finished was the Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson. They were excellent.

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    1. I used to only really read on holidays myself but have tried to make more time for reading, I got into the Invisible Library Series really quickly which surprised me but I love the concept of the world! Brandon Sandersons books are on my list to read but I haven’t actually got round to reading any of his yet! I have heard nothing but good stuff about them though!


      1. His Stormlight Archives are meant to be amazing, although I’ve not read them.
        I just need to start setting aside some time to read, I have so many books that I start and never finish.

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        1. Same I’ve got 4 books all with bookmarks in only a few pages in and they’ve not been touched for ages! I’ve turned to reading just before I go to sleep, normally I’m watching YouTube or on social media late at night and it interferes with my sleep reading seems a lot better so far anyways!


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