It’s Good To Be Bad! Who’s Your Favourite Villain?

It is fun being the good guy, the hero in the game however by far it’s often the enemies in video games that sick with us. They make an impression and whether it is their crazy intelligence, disturbing plans or indefensible actions the games we play would not be the same without them. Reflecting on the best enemies I have encountered in my adventures I decided to list those that have stuck in my mind the most and I’d like to extend the question to you, who are your most memorable video games enemies?

  1. Faith Seed

First up we have Faith Seed and really the entire Seed family from Far Cry 5. Far Cry is one of those games that has produced some amazingly infamous villains but as Far Cry 5 was my first Far Cry experience I had to go with Faith. Like the rest of her family they are definitely disturbing and all round evil. But what sets Faith apart is her use of “Bliss” a mind altering drug to manipulate and turn her victims into slaves manipulated to serve Eden’s Gate or transformed beyond saving into mindless “Angles” (Zombies is probably the more accurate term). I am still haunted by the eerie music that follows her and is transmitted across the Henbane River.

“I know you’ve heard stories about me. That I’m a liar. A manipulator. That I poison people’s minds. Well, let me tell you a different story. A true story.

2. Miraak

Next we have Miraak, the first Dragonborn and main antagonist of the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. What makes Miraak stand out to me is his cold calculating approach. He is confident perhaps to the point of arrogance seeing himself as above others including the god Hermaeus Mora who he serves. What is most disturbing about Miraak is his lust for power, it drives him and everything he has done and fuels his confident demeanour. Ultimately it was also his downfall.

“And so the First Dragonborn meets the Last Dragonborn at the summit of Apocrypha.”

3. Bloody Mary

Mary is a secondary protagonist in the Wolf Among Us working for the Crooked man. She is a violent and ruthless antagonist and an extremely powerful fighter. Face to face with Bigby she is one of the only video game enemies I can recall who could have easily killed off the main character (without it being needed for the plot that is). The way she taunts, dodges and almost kills Bigby is impressive. But after being told to spare him fact that she still walks over and breaks his arm with her boot out of spite makes her pretty disturbing.

“Bigby Wolf! The Big Bad Wolf. You used to be something. They used to fear you. They’d hide anywhere their small shivering bodies would fit… The Big Bad Wolf. It’s about time you showed up.”

Image result for bloody mary wolf among us

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One thought

  1. The thing with Faith was that her story was interesting, but not explored enough. And the boss fight with her was very disappointing and just descended into shooting her a lot.

    I very much like Vergil in DMC3, who is a villain throughout the story that culminates in a spectacular battle prior to the final boss.


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